Earn with TotalNeeds.in

Earn with TotalNeeds.in

  •   Earn Rs.15,000/- and above every month
  •   Spend 1-2 hours daily on totalneeds.in
  •   Earnings are paid out monthly through Bank Transfer or Cheque
  •   Basic knowledge of computer & Internet usage is required

What are the Benefits?

  •  Earn Rs.100 as referral commission for every ‘Free’ Member referral who verified email & mobile successfully.
  •  Earn Rs.100 as referral commission & Rs.500 as e-Wallet funds for every ‘VIP’ member.
  •  Do shopping through Totalneeds.in and get cashback e-Points. Find the best offers from online merchants and save money on your purchases. Cashback e-Points are credited to your account within 72 hours. e-Points can be converted to Cash and withdrawn to bank account.
  •  You will get additional cashback e-Points for every purchase compared to ‘Free’ Members.
  •  Play games using e-Points and stand a chance to win upto 15 crore e-Points every week.
  •  You will also earn 10% of your referral winnings.
  •  We provide you game suggestions for 4D Game. Play the game for consecutive 52 weeks & if you don’t win Top 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize, we will repay you Rs.2,500 worth of gifts!

How to Join?

  •  Join now by clicking ‘Sign Up’ button below.
  •  Fill your details & choose Membership Plan as ‘VIP Member’.
  •  Your membership details will be sent to your email.
  •  Pay one time membership fee of Rs.1,000/- and activate your account.
  •  Start promoting the website & view your earnings by logging into member area.

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Email Us @ info@totalneeds.in